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Quality Eyeglass Lenses in Chattanooga, TN

Welcome to Chattanooga Eyecare



We feature a quality selection of fashionable eyeglasses and premium lenses. Serving the Chattanooga, TN area, we are located at 1201 Market Street, Suite B. It’s easy to stop by and benefit from our exceptional vision products.

Our optical staff looks forward to helping you select the best eyewear for your vision prescription, lifestyle requirements, and unique fashion taste! Eyeglasses need to give you sharp vision and a flattering look for your face.

All patients, new and returning, are treated with patience and no pressure to reach a hasty decision. Superior customer service is our goal, and we want you to be thrilled with your eyewear and your experience in our Chattanooga office!

Exceptional Eyeglass Lens Services

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Shamir Autograph® III - SV

Conventional single vision lenses may be the easy and routine solution for customers, but it’s not the best. With a low additional cost compared to conventional single vision lenses, your customers may wonder “how come I’m not getting the best?”

The Difference


Digital solutions are produced at the highest level of optical accuracy, (up to 1/100 Diopter); this type of precision is unique to digital Freeform® designs.


EyePoint Technology III® makes it possible to offer buyers, especially those with higher Rx’s, a “real world” view of objects in their environment. Shamir Autograph III® – SV is not a “one size fits all” design; myopes and hyperopes receive a specialized solution to ensure their view of the world around them is similar.

Shamir InTouch

To provide patients with the clarity they need for everyday tasks, and while staying connected when using their smartphones, tablets, and e-readers Shamir created Shamir InTouch™.

Designed as an everyday progressive lens solution with enhanced visual comfort in the zone most utilized for handheld technology, patients will notice a quicker transition of add power in the intermediate zone (up to 25% quicker than standard progressives). Shamir InTouch™ provides the visual comfort patients need for the “handheld zone,” a new reading area between 15” – 27”. No other lens is designed to meet the needs of this new zone.

The benefits

• Add power appears 25% quicker, providing more comfortable vision in the 15” - 27” reading zone

• 22% broader reading area

• 21% wider intermediate area

• Progressive solution for regular usage of digital devices


Why patients need it...

• Everyday PAL designed for frequent tablet and smartphone use

• More comfortable viewing than before

• Increased visual acuity for smartphones and tablet screens

Essillor new size


Varilux® progressive lenses are the most technically advanced progressive lenses available. Varilux Physio® lenses are the only progressive lenses with the distortion-reducing benefits of W.A.V.E. Technology™: Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement. This gives you better vision than you probably thought was possible, whether you are looking near, far, or anywhere in-between.

Varilux® Physio Enhanced™ progressive lenses are customized to provide the clearest vision possible for every distance and in every light level.

Varilux Comfort® give you excellent near, intermediate, distance and peripheral vision, all without compromising the visual quality of any single zone. They’re easy to wear, and the smooth transition between visual zones makes it easy to adapt to these lenses. For more information, please visit


Developed by Essilor, the Crizal® brand offers a complete range of high-performance treatments that fit wearer’s everyday life.

Every second a pair of lenses with Crizal® coating is chosen by a consumer somewhere in the world*.  Crizal® is at the forefront of innovation, R&D processes, and optical technologies, doing the utmost to improve and help maintain people’s visual clarity. Crizal® lenses act as a shield against elements that can impact or harm vision, responding with confidence to wearer’s needs.

Crizal®’s dedicated research and development team is devoted to improving the vision of spectacle wearers. Its effort has led to the registration of ten patented technologies. Moreover, the benefits of Crizal® new lenses are rated thanks to systematic wearer tests.

With Crizal® lenses, spectacle wearers enjoy a complete protection of their clarity of vision and their eyes. Crizal® lenses provide protection against glare, scratches, smudges, dust, water and contribute to preventing the harmful effects of UV rays and Blue-Violet Light.

Crizal® brand wants to bring people the clearest vision possible. This is why Crizal® lenses provide wearers carefree spectacle experience, allowing them to connect with people and enjoy their activities.

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